Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q : Is it compulsory for every mumin to fill the form for their houses?
A : No. You only fill the form, if you require the Niyaaz.

Q : Does the Hoob Raqm include all members of my Family?
A : The Hoob Raqm includes everyone in your family. And the serving will be sent for as many people mentioned in the form.

Q : Will you deliver at all the centers mentioned in the Form ?
A : NO, Currently only Kariakoo, Hakimi Masjid (Upanga) and Seifee Masjid (Town) will be the pickup centers. Inshallah other pick up centers will be added in the future.

Q : If half of my family is at home, and the other half at the shop, can pickup be done for both areas?
A : Each form is for 1 location ONLY. If the Niyaz is needed in another location, a separate form is needed. Each form requires its own Hoob Raqm.

Q : What if we are delayed in picking up the Niyaaz?
A : The timing has been set, after that there will be no pickup for Niyaz.

Q : Do i have to submit the full Hoob Raqm for 3 months?
A : Yes, you have to submit the 3 month Hoob Raqm when you submit your form.

Q : Will my Thaali be stopped if i haven't contributed my Hoob on Time (Delayed in Contribution)
A  : No, you will be constantly be reminded. After a certain time frame, we will hand over your case to Janab Amil Saheb to find  a suitable resolution. But please understand the concept of Mawaid Burhani. If you delay, you are depriving other 
mumineen the barakat of Niyaz. For which you lose the sawab of "Providing Niyaz". 

Q : Will you automatically STOP my Thaali if stop paying Hoob?
A : NO,  The Thaali will be ACTIVE until you notify on the Helpline Numbers.

Q : I cannot afford the default Hoob Raqm mentioned. How do i proceed?
A : This matter can only be resolved by Janab Amil Saheb. We Kindly request you to approach him on this matter and we will act as per his instructions.

Q : My pickup point is in Upanga (Hakimi Masjid), can i pay my Hoob Raqm at any other payment centre?
A : YES, you can pay your Hoob Raqam at ANY Payment Centre which is convenient to you.

Q : I intend to go on safari for 2 days, can you suspend my Thaali  till i come back?
A : No, any changes to the distribution of Thaali are accepted on weekly basis. Changes in the middle of the week cannot be 
accomodated. Hence your Thaali will still be prepared for pickup.

Q : I have guest at home, can i get extra Thaali for such days?
A : Currently there is no system in place for Guests. We are working on a suitable solution. In the Meantime, you can send your Maid with Empty Containers (From Your Home) and ask her to wait until the distribution is over, And then only we can Fill your personal container with Niyaz

If you have any questions which have not been answered here, please feel free to email us at